Sunday, December 30, 2012

Helpful hints

I love it when someone tells me about a helpful hint. I thought I'd share a few of mine with you. My brother Tommy was visiting 2 weeks ago and he was telling me that we have been peeling bananas wrong. He said a monkey will peel it from the other end, because it is easier. So I tried it and it was easier. How weird is that? And speaking of bananas, I just love this hint that I've been trying the past few months. I usually buy a bunch of bananas, usually 6 or so in the bunch, and if not eaten in 3-4 days, they get really ripe and I usually end up tossing them out after around 5 days. (that Bisquick book has a great banana bread recipe by the way) But if you take each banana off the bunch, and just have them sit there separately, they won't ripen very fast. And it seems to make them last twice as long. I haven't tossed any out since doing this. Try it and see what you think. 

I tried this hint tonight as I was making tacos. I was cooking the hamburger and trying to break it up with my spatula and it was taking forever. Than I remembered that if you take your potato masher and use that, it crumbles the beef to Taco Bell size meat. It took only 30 seconds and it was perfect. I will be using this idea from now on. 

What helpful hints do you want to share with us? 


  1. I have heard about the banana peeling too..and it is easier..that is how monkeys eat them..saw it on tv once...I will try the potato masher too...good idea..

  2. Been opening the banana like this since visiting my mom, need to try the separation to make them last longer.

  3. I made tacos tonight. I bought this tool from pamper chef that breaks up the meat, I love it. I heard about the banana hints too. I only open them from the bottom when I cant get the top because I like them green.

  4. I have never heard of any of these, the peel, the prolong and the mash. I plan to try all three. Sounds like I need to consult with you more often. :)