Monday, December 31, 2012

The Year 2013

Happy New Years! 

You know where I will be for New Year's Eve!!
Where will you be? 

See you next year!!


  1. I went to a party that didn't sell drinks...and had nothing but country music and that tells you how my night went...AND NO DATE....just two girl friends....haha...

    1. I guess that was better than sitting at home with a glass of wine, listening to all kinds of music with a date, with your two girlfriends sitting there with you. lol

  2. We stayed home just the two of us (both boys were out)played yahtzee and ate light. Stayed wake until the ball dropped and then asleep by 12:30. :) Man we are getting old. :)

  3. haha We were always the same way. Now we go out and rock in the new year. And now both my kids stay at home and watch the ball drop. It comes full