Friday, December 28, 2012

I'm back to annoy you again!

I know you all missed me, right? Right? Been busy with family that came up from California to visit my mom, Christmas shopping, Christmas cards, family picture taking and editing, and sneaking in a date with Rod. My mom is over at my brother and sister in law's house this past week, and I've been just plain lazy. I've been reading and catching up on some of my TV shows I've recorded. And the best part is, that I don't feel guilty. I am recharging.

So what did everyone get for Christmas? Anything good? I never know what I want, I guess I'm too simple. But I did mention wanting a Bisquick cookbook, again I'm all for simple. And I did get one from Jennifer and I found myself hugging it when I opened it. Yep, that was simple me. Did you know that you can make Deep Dish Taco Squares and Hidden Sloppy Joes? This is going to be fun to experiment on Rod. I've wanted this book all year. 

And I am now an official BBQ Smoker. Ok, maybe not official yet, as I haven't made anything. I did get it ready today for curing the smoker. I have to leave it on for 4 hours before I use it. I've wanted a smoker since Kristopher treated us to his smoked salmon. He also smoked a ham for Christmas dinner. I've also had smoked pork and smoked chicken which was awesome. Be ready for a few Bisquick and Smoker blogs soon. lol 

So tell me what you got for Christmas!


  1. I got this awesome Coach purse that I love! ; ) And, some Nike's, and a few nice pots, and a Chi hair straightener, and some pearl ear rings to name a few! : )

  2. You aren't spoiled or anything, are you?

  3. I missed you I am glad your back. I was going to ask where you were. Hope all of your xmas's were good up there. You should have come down for cookies. Jennifer you got some nice gifts I dont think its spoiled (although spoiled is good).