Friday, January 4, 2013

1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 4...

Rod and I count stuff. Not the usual things like money. We like to count things like golf courses, parks, lakes and moving trains.

Just recently, we counted how many Christmas trees we saw on top of the cars or trucks that people just bought. We counted 23 all together from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day. He did see one after Christmas, but they were taking it to the landfill, so that doesn't count. I know, we are easy to amuse. Or maybe we are just weird. Or amusingly weird. We started this little game on one of our many trips to Calif and back home.

Do you know that there are a ton of golf course near the freeway? I wonder why that is. You'd think they would want to be far away from all the noise and car pollution. I believe we counted 17 of the golf courses on one trip. 

Parks are harder to find. Probably because they do want to be away from the freeways. Makes sense. I think that trip was over to the Oregon coast and they were State Parks. And sometimes we would get off the freeway and go a few miles, to just check out the park. 

So I gotta ask, what do you count? 


  1. Does it count that when I am in an extreme OCD funk that I count my steps. When I'm in a group and I'm bored with the conversation I also count peoples words. Weird I know, but it keeps me paying attention instead of letting my mind wander. I count how many times I chew my food and I count how many times the little white man on the crosswalk sign blinks before he changes to red. :)

  2. Well, you love to count mom likes to count the Ducks in the water. Hundreds of

  3. I must say....I find this a bit odd! : ) I count.... the money sucked out of my account every month on bills! lol that's about it.