Friday, January 25, 2013

Trick Toaster

I've had this toaster for probably over 20 years. It still works good, but it is getting a little annoying to me. Should I buy a new one, or wait until it stops working?  Janet was here a few months ago, and thought they only did this in the movies. Nope, I have to catch my toast every morning. Usually both toast go flying at the same time. I have to put my plate or paper towel down to have a clean surface for the toast to land. One time the toast flipped over and landed in the other slot. That was cool.  Hey, maybe I can get my toaster to be in the movies! Click the arrow to see the quick video. 

You should see my washing machine! No knobs but it still works...And last night when I pushed the start button on the dishwasher, all the red electronic symbols lit up. It looked like the cockpit of an airliner. I always have to whack the panel, but last night was a first with the lights going crazy

My trash compactor sounds like the airliner! The grandkids would always run away when I turned that on. It makes a crazy noise. 

Do you have any appliances that are wacky, but still does the job it was meant to do? 

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  1. Our dryer whistles a tune like its in Dixie, and our bathroom fan used to sound like the turbines in a space rocket headed for Mars before the landlord finally fixed it. LOL I love the toaster best of all. It need a casting agent. :)