Thursday, January 17, 2013

Goat Milk

It was a sunny and cold day yesterday and a great day for a drive. We didn't go far, just around the sound. Along the way, we saw a few goats and my mom said she loved goat milk..huh? I've never ever, seen her drink goat milk. I have no desire to drink goat milk, goat cheese, or anything goat related. Call me weird, but it kind of makes me gag just thinking about it. So I started thinking of other things that I have to actually buy in the store for me to be able to eat. Eggs are one of them and pretty much on the top of the list. I want them inspected and in a carton. Don't get me wrong, I've had fresh farm eggs and I've never enjoyed them. All the eggs are different colors, from light green to brown. That alone made me question why? Why aren't they white? 

I've also had fresh bacon. No thank you. It didn't even taste like bacon. I want my Oscar Meyers thin strip store bought bacon. Not that I've even had bacon is a few years. But when I do eat it, I want to pay $5.00 a package from the grocery store. 

Deer, bear, moose, frog, grasshopper, snail, duck or any other animal, not a chicken, turkey, cow or pig, is off my list too. Don't ask me if I want any of those, trust me. And why would my sister in law Chris even try pig stomach? Grosssss....

My mom loves liver. She use to make it for the family when we were growing up. I always tried to cover it with mustard, but no go. I'd end up making a few trips to the bathroom to spit it out. I sure wished our dog was allowed in to the house on liver nights. 

Seaweed! I saw a huge package of seaweed at costco. Really? Do people really eat that much seaweed? Why would anyone even eat a piece of seaweed, let alone a mega pack of it? Hello? If you are at the ocean, do you lay on the sand munching on a piece of seaweed? Because that is what I think about when I look at seaweed. 

I think I am just a Plain Jane when it comes to foods. Give me some mashed potatoes and grilled chicken every night, and I'd be happy. I'll leave the Bear Jerky and Bambi to those that love to eat that way. I'm really rethinking that "I want to be Amish" fantasy

What odd ball foods do you like to eat? Don't gross me out too much :)


  1. This might be that one difference we share that make our conversations interesting. I love being adventurous with my food choices. The seaweed is for those who want to make sushi at home. :)

    I will try anything once, but if I dont like it, I may not finish it or ever try it again. I've had frog legs, not bad, just really greasy. I could never eat the pig or lamb that my brother Kevin raised in 4H. I knew them, had looked in their eyes, it felt like eating a family pet.

    I don't like meats that are really gamey, so though I've tried venison, wild turkey and pheasant, duck, geese, etc. Unless they are farm raised, the meat has a wild flavor to it, that's just not for me.

    For me its about texture. I don't eat bread pudding (slimy bread), or drink bubble tea (its like someone back-washed into my drink). I like adventure, and different flavors, but many are one time experiences. :)

    1. If I even think "yuck" on a certain food, you can be sure I won't even be trying

  2. I hate bubble tea! And, you are right about the back wash.

    I'm not very adventurous. I want my food from the grocery store, not the wild. I like it pre-packaged, pasteurized, and bleached if necessary! Bring on the food additives. : )

    1. Can you tell we are related? lol And what the heck is Bubble Tea?

  3. Yes what is bubble tea?...I too don't like anything killed in the wilds..I am one of the kids in our family that did like liver...Still do but now it's too expensive..I've had deer that was awful...Been told it wasn't cooked right so i might have to try again if a nice country man comes along...We were talking about fresh eggs at work the other day and i'm suppose to get some soon..They say they are very good...We'll see..I have also tried alagator tail once a few yrs ago at the beach..Tasted like pork..Not bad but won't try again..I have a couple friends that grew up in the country and the things they ate and cleaned gross me out too..I'll stick to "normal" foods...