Thursday, January 10, 2013

Famous People

Today I was thinking about all the famous people I have seen. I didn't think there was really that many until I started thinking back through the years. There are more than I thought. Let me see, I think the 1st famous person, was Johnny Carson. I saw him at a taping of his show. 

In Vegas at the Mint hotel, I saw The Coasters. An old time rhythm and blues group. 

The first concert I went to was for Leann Rimes. She was 15 years old and I loved her voice. My second concert was Garth Brooks. My favorite singer of all time. Loved his concert. Years later, I saw his now current wife, Trisha Yearwood. Than saw Brooks and Dunn with Reba McEntire. Saw Country singer Terri Clark at the fair. 

Tony Bennett walked by me one time at the Apple Farm in Calif. Also the guy on According to Jim, Larry Joe Campbell, the nerdy brother in law, as he walked by me at a Disneyland hotel. Does that count? lol

I saw David Copperfield at one of his shows. He was interesting. But my most favorite star I saw was Rob Lowe. Rod and I were on the train going to Calif, and he and his wife and child were in the same car as us. We had a sleeper car and I can honestly say I was naked under Rob Lowe. Ok, even though that was true, I was in the shower on the train, that was located right under his room. So it is

So tell me who you have seen that are famous or almost famous. Who did you see?


  1. Okay, I just about choked on my toast! Naked under Rob Lowe!?! lol

    We also saw that guy outside of the David Cooperfield show, he was going to the show too. I can't remember his name... he was on a sitcom, and into magic.

  2. I was in line behind Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins a few years ago in the Pearl Bakery here in downtown Portland. I have also seen cast members from Leverage, Grimm, and Portlandia around town when they are filming. I walked by Brendan Frasier on the street near city hall last year or the year before when he was in the area filming a movie.

    The most interesting and unique sighting was John Matsuzak who played Sloth in The Goonies. He was having breakfast in a Denny's at 3:00 a.m. one time when my Ex and I were dating.

  3. Most of my interaction with "famous" people was in my years managing "Barnes and Noble" and "WhereHouse Music". At the music store we did many in-store signings of artist like "New Kids on the Block" "Depeche Mode" "Richard Marx" "Mc Hammer" and others I cant remember right now. The book store it was author's like Dean Koontz, who actually wrote a personal note to mom (Verna Kent) in his new release book "Dark Rivers of the Heart", and others. The most unique lady I will never forget was "Ann Rule" who writes true crime books. She was living a life in seclusion because she was so worried about all the people she wrote about getting to her for retribution. She was different, but if you and I studied and researched serial killers we probably would be odd as well. Dr Laura Schlessinger was extremely small but had some of the largest opinions. I also was able to go to an LA Laker game once and shoot free throws before the game with AC Green. Ever since working at the post office not one famous person has crossed my path

  4. I'd like to meet Dr Laura. Sometimes she can be weird, but other times she makes perfect sense. I haven't heard her talk on the radio is many years now. Than must have been fun to meet all those people at your work.

  5. I was so busy being a good host, and controlling the crowds that I did not get much time to spend with them.