Monday, January 28, 2013


I had Colton spending the night this weekend and he laughs at some of the things I say. I can't remember what we were talking about, but I said "Oh Good Lord" and he asked me what that meant. I said it was just an expression I say a lot. I shouldn't tell you that earlier I said "What the Hell"? and than I said oops. And Colton said "that's ok grandma, my mom cusses too" I don't really cuss that often, but I do more than I use to. It makes me feel better. Or maybe I do cuss a lot, but since there's no kids around here everyday, I don't even notice I talk like that. I guess I'm turning in to a drunken sailor. 

I know I say some weird expressions all the time, and I just assume everyone else says them too. But I am beginning to think, maybe they don't. 

What exactly is a "Whip-poor-willows ass"? I say that when referring to someone I dislike. Or "Something gives me the Willies". I think that is a more common word. I've alway said that something gives me the "heebie geebeis", meaning being spooked or creeped out.

"Doohicky" is a word Rod will use when he can't remember the real word. When someone falls, I say that they went "Ass Over Tea Kettle". If I am annoyed or disappointed, I will say "Oh Hell's Bells". When I see somebody that is really mad, I say " They just about Shit a Brick". 

I'm sure there are a ton of words I use, that I can't remember right now. How about you all? What do you find yourself saying that just comes flying out of your mouth?

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  1. I use almost verbatim all of the above mentioned phrases with the exception of 'Whip-poor-willows ass" what the.....? Just kidding. :). I also say "I don't give a rats ass", "Things are going to hell in a handbasket" , I use the word "who-de-do" when I can't remember someones name and in addition to "doohicky" I also use "whatchamacallit", and I'm sure if I taped myself for a week I probably say a lot of other weird stuff. :)